How to play online ?

There are 2 types of places where you can play Duel Masters online

You don’t have to download anything, just go into the site, register, make a deck and start playing right away.
Pluses: Quick and easy to start playing
Minuses: Effects don't work automatically - longer games, Less players, Max 10 decks without premium account



You will need to download application + image pack for all of the cards
Pluses: Almost all of the effects are added and work automatically - Quicker games, The most popular place to play, No limit for number of decks
Minuses: Requires downloading, Little harder to start playing

We recommend using OCTGN as automatic effects of cards are great feature

How to start playing on OCTGN?

- Register using this link and confirm your account with your email:

- Download OCTGN using this link:

- Download Image pack (For TCG - english cards - second link)

- Open OCTGN and Sign in


- Open section “Games Manager” and download game Duel Masters

- At section “Games Manager” Click Add Image Pack and find image pack file you have just downloaded

- Go to “Deck Editor” and create your first deck


- Go to “Play or Spectate” and create new game or join other room


Start Playing!