As I have been constantly developing our google excel sheet and at the same time saving all of the orders history (which cards got sold, when, and for how much) I have a vast knowledge about current duel masters prices. Plenty of people have asked me about that price list, and I want to keep helping people who want to sell their cards through our “Sell cards” form while I personally wont buy them myself anymore, so:

You can send me a 10$ gift to my paypal if you have appreciated my work with DMT. Then to that email I will send you price list + add your email adress to the list of potential buyers, and if I see someone wanting to sell collection for a good price through “sell cards” form, I will send you informations about it and a contact to that person. So not only you will have a current price list with history of sells, but also opportiunities for the future to buy some cards cheaply. This way sell cards form will have a solution and people will be able to have a current price list

Or contact us here: